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We use advanced audio-visual tools to make you look cool - even when you're not.
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“The Aglow team were brilliant when it came to putting together our internal hiring video. They were accommodating and flexible from the start, taking the brief and delivering to it 100%. The attention to detail and skills for such a young company was really impressive. We would certainly recommend using them for your own company video, especially if you are looking for something with flare, style and individuality.”
Astrid Hall - Senior Marketing and PR Executive, Opus Professional Sevices Group

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Cinematic Excellence

Our background in narrative cinema means that we deliver slick, professional quality films worthy of the big screen.

complete solutions

We handle every stage of the production process, taking your idea or brief and turning it into beautifully crafted video.


ROI is paramount. We take the time to understand your business, objectives and target audience, ensuring our work gets you results.

super-fast turnaround

Every stage of the production process is handled in-house, ensuring super-streamlined efficiency. We deliver on-time, everytime!

social media friendly

We specialise in web-based video. Our work is designed to boost your online profile and increase your social media share-ability.

bespoke music

Custom scores can really set your video apart from the competition. We offer soundtracks that are as masterfully crafted as the visuals.


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Our Team

Chris Murnaghan portrait photo Biography

Chris Murnaghan, known only to himself as "Prospero", claims to have learnt the ancient art of sorcery from books left to him by relatives from the underworld. Chris can often be found at home, rapt in secret studies in his basement library. Many believe it was his hunger for more power that led him to complete a Masters degree in English Literature at the University of Bristol. However, seemingly uncontent with the scope of his real-world abilities, Chris began to emerge himself in a world of fantasy. Utilising the latest imaging technologies found in the Adobe Creative Suite, Chris cast himself in a series of self-promotion and propaganda films designed to showcase his "true magic". These films are yet to be officially released, although a selection of leaked material can be found online. Although his ambitions of master sorcerer remain, Chris's newly aquired skills in film production led to the founding of Aglow Films in 2012.

Chris Murnaghan

Jack Dennis portrait photo Biography

Since his feral upbringing at the Eden Project, where he was raised by bats, Jack Dennis has acquired all the skills and graces necessary to pass without notice in the human world. Since that time, Jack, or the “skin hawk” as some call him, has made leaps and bounds (over hedgerows, rivulets, bracken . . .) in his reintegration to civilisation, combining technological expertise with primal intuition. This lucky combo means Jack can not only compose high-end infographics, but can also deftly employ his saucer-like ears in echo-location, helping the team find lost keys, etc. In short, Jack is a key member of the team and an inspiration to filmmakers everywhere, proving that, with determination, any adversity can be overcome. Sometimes, at night, Jack can be heard hooting to his leathery brethren off somewhere afar, hung from a tree like blanketed rats.

Jack Dennis

Marc Cornish portrait photo Biography

Marc “Strictly Business” Cornish has always been a highly-driven and success-oriented individual, in constant pursuit of perfection. As a sign of his determination to become a “captain of industry”, Marc has begun dressing like a sea-captain, rightly demanding (and, indeed, receiving) a full naval salute every time he finishes a sentence. Applying what he calls “the code of the sea” to the office, Marc supervises from inside a little wicker basket atop a stepladder, overseeing the workforce, using a little cardboard tube he’s made. Marc is currently working on a pioneering study of how maritime strategy may be applied to search engine optimisation.

Marc Cornish

Michael Brumby portrait photo Biography

Expert glass blower, jazz flutist, dog jockey: Words are inadequate to describe what Mikey is “all about”. Suffice to say that when he puts on his clothes in the morning, he doesn’t “get dressed”, but, rather, the clothes get “Mikeyed”. The man’s breakfast is privileged even to be allowed near his face, let alone in it. A wellspring of positivity and enthusiasm, Mike’s always got a smile on his face and some sweets in his pocket. He’s a man of a million words and all of them are “Yes”. Always a joy to have around, Mike’s mad skills with a camera ensure that everything he touches turns to “Yes”! Luckily for team Aglow, Mikey deigns on occasion to strap a lens on his large sensor and capture some YES!

Michael Brumby

The Aglow team simplify the filmmaking process and offer a blend of excellent creative skills from cinematic shooting to music composition and professional editing all under one roof.
- Grant Sinclair, CEO of Iain Sinclair Design Ltd.
Aglow Films were open and flexible from the start, helping us realise our vision at every stage in the process. They made things easy and fun, and the final product has been a real asset to our publicity. I wouldn't hesitate to employ them again.
- Sarah Lynch, Professional & Policy Liason Officer at University of Bristol
The expertly shot footage from the Aglow team helped our project win gold at the 2013 Cannes Lion Awards! Thanks guys!
- Aphra Kiely, Project Manager at Ogilvy Change
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