Music Videos

A music video can be the difference between remaining unheard or blowing up into a global megastar.

We’ve the power of music videos, YouTube and social media to thank for the cultural gold of Gangnam Style, The Harlem Shake, and Soulja Boy dance. Whatever your opinion on these phenomenons of popular culture, there’s no question that without their respective music videos, they probably would’ve faded into obscurity.

Whilst your ambitions may be more modest than those of South Korean megastar PSY, a music video can be a powerful promotional asset, helping you to get gigs, gain followers and sell tracks. YouTube is now the number one music streaming platform on the planet and is fast becoming the main source for new music discovery. Being represented on YouTube therefore can have significant benefits to you as an artist or group. Video is also far more engaging than an audio stream alone, making music videos ideal for sharing throughout social media. And with a good idea for a video, you might just blow up into the next viral sensation.

At Aglow Films, we’re passionate about music. In fact, some of our team are musicians too, gigging in bands and deejaying for many years. As well as making videos, we make bespoke music tracks for our clients. So we understand what it means to be a musician or artist and how difficult it can be to make a viable living from your work. With record sales in drastic decline, artists are having to diversify in myriad ways to sustain their craft. Even Justin Beiber is having to sell perfume these days. Poor bastard.

Nevertheless, we’re here to help. We’ll help you come up with a music video idea that represents you as an artist or group and compliments your music. We’ll also give you marketing advice on how best to get your video seen by as many people as possible.

As well as music videos, we also offer live studio and gig videos. These are great for artists on tighter budgets and are excellent for sending out to labels and promoters who want to see what you can do live. So, if you’re planning on recording a live demo, why not consider recording video at the same time?

We understand that as a musician, you probably don’t have any money. That’s okay…sort of. We can cater to pretty modest budgets, so get in touch to see what we can do!

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