Music Production

Our pool of talented musicians and producers can provide custom scores as masterfully crafted as the visuals.

Music is often the heart of video. Because, what is music? Music is emotion – in sonic form. Is there any emotional state which music cannot convey? Probably not. Music production for your video accordingly comes down to how you want your viewer to feel.

Bespoke music is obviously the first choice where budget allows. However, stock music is fine. But not just any old stock music. That typical “corporate” Elevator Muzak (you know what I'm talking about) is like a giant banner screaming “I'm generic”. It lacks heart. Too frequently corporate video lacks heart. It's grey. A grey-suited exec in a grey office, who looks like grey blood pumps through their grey veins.

A good video with considered music can engage, inspire, elevate and motivate. It moves people. Music is powerful. It is a powerful resource at your disposal - use it.

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