Video Editing

Using our VR-capable edit suite (nicknamed Defcon 1), we will take your 8K, 4K, SD family Christmas '98 MiniDV handycam tapes and turn them into gold!

Our video editing services range widely. We will editing your corporate video, wedding footage, home movies, Go-Pro footage – in fact, we will edit any footage that needs editing. This can all be done very conveniently either completely online (with digital files) or through courier services (for larger projects, or if actual tape is involved).

Video Editing combines traditional storytelling and technical problem solving. A good editor needs an instinct for narrative; that is, the ability – through clever clip combinations and contrasts – to extract a desired emotion, impact or message.

Exceptional secretarial skill is also necessary seeing as the job entails meticulous cataloguing, filing and organising. Consider that one three minute video may derive from thirty hours of footage divided across some five hundred separate video files. This is the rock from which diamond must be mined.

On the technical side, editing involves importing, transcoding (turning your old VHS home-movies into digital videos), colour correction, colour grading, rendering and exporting. With the rising popularity of 4K and 8K, it also increasingly requires an extremely powerful computer with a forearm-sized graphics card.

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