Motion Graphics

Jazz up your messages and stimulate the eyeballs with motion-graphics!

Motion graphics work a kind of magic by turning the ordinary into something a bit special. They lend visual dynamism – a whizz-bang effect – to what otherwise would be static words and numbers. Motion graphics are, then, ideal for factual and educational content; stuff that contains numerical data, complex facts, formulae and so forth: anything that might need a bit of lipstick and hairspray.

By having the text spin, swerve, shrink and expand, you can turn the reading experience into a more visually satisfying encounter for the viewer. Also, you add extra layers of texture to the process by having the words behave in ways which reflect their meaning. You could have the word 'cold' physically shiver, or the word 'fragile' crack into pieces, for instance. The options are limitless.

Motion graphics are relatively quick to produce and cost effective. This makes them probably the first choice for anyone on a strict budget. It's better to have a well done motion graphic project than a poorly executed video or dodgy animation.

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