Corporate Video Production

Aglow Films offer complete corporate video production services, from strategy and planning, to shooting, post-production and video marketing.

Corporate video doesn’t have to be dry and boring, and yet it so often is. This is an opportunity to really connect with your audience and deliver your message in an engaging and captivating way. We believe that powerful stories should be at the heart of all effective corporate videos. Your individual brand identity and values should shine through, delivering authentic and emotive messages that strike a chord with viewers.

"You’ve got 5 seconds to reel them in. Waste the subsequent 85 at your peril."

Disingenuous and overtly salesy corporate communications are incredibly off putting to an ever media savvy society. In order to cut through the haze of noise, your corporate videos should be sincere, emotion led, and provide genuine value to those that watch them. Time is precious, and your viewers are flighty. You've got 5 seconds to reel them in. Waste the subsequent 85 at your peril.

An effective corporate video should be part of a wider, fully integrated campaign strategy. Launching a video out into the ether and hoping for the best is rarely going to yield results. Not every video is a Charlie Bit My Finger. With video becoming an increasingly pervasive cross-platform medium, the reach and effectiveness of your video can be maximised through a targeted and tailored campaign. Here at Aglow Films, we provide you with a complete and comprehensive corporate video strategy that is created bespoke for your business needs.

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Why choose Aglow Films?

We’re a small, yet diverse and dynamic multi-skilled team; young enough to be hip, old enough to be experienced in delivering time and again. We’ve worked with large global organisations like Ogilvy & Mather, Bols, and EE, as well as small independent businesses, like Grant Sinclair Design, Kinkade Guitars, and Little Treehouse Africa. We devote the same attention, care and consideration to all our clients, both large and small.

We take the time to understand your business and specific needs, devising a complete and tailored video service that gets you results. We don’t just hand over a video and wash our hands; we ensure that your strategy is in place from the very beginning, integrating your video into a wider comprehensive campaign that captivates your audience and boosts engagement with your brand.

We don’t just do corporate videos. We are filmmakers. We make everything from twenty-second social media snippets, to feature length narrative films. This diversity makes us especially adept at crafting video with individuality. Your individuality. By understanding what makes you unique, we craft stories around your brand, meaning that your corporate communications are told with sincerity, individuality, and flare.