Whether you want some supplementary photos alongside your video project, or dedicated photography services, we can provide practitioners diciplined in the art.

While Aglow Films deals primarily with video, we also produce still images; indeed, the company's founders came to film via photography in the first place. It's fair to say in fact that a solid foundation in photography is a vital prerequisite to film making. Photography, then, is close to our hearts. Film and photography of course are kindred forms. As lens media, they each call upon related processes and considerations. Composition, framing, lighting, colour, texture, depth, vantage – all the mechanics of the visual carry over from one medium to the other.

Film after all, is a series of still images. Understanding how to tell a story with a single image therefore, has profound implications for video. We are not just filmmakers that dabble in photograpy, rather, we offer dedicated photography services – in studio or on location – for any event.

About half our video clients request still images in addition to video content. It's a practical, cost effective means of extracting more value from the overall service. We're on set anyway, so you might as well get more out of us. Whether you want new headshots for your website, sweet stills for a blog post, or just a great thumbnail image for your video, photography can be a valuable addition to your video shoot. And before you ask, no, you cannot just take screen grabs from the video. This will not look good, trust us.

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